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2021 League Leaders
Boys 8&Under 25 Free
Leo K Li
Girls 8&U 25 Free
Addyson Delaney
Boys 9-10 50 Free
Andrew P Zimmerman
Girls 9-10 50 Free
Lexie A Morrison
Boys 11-12 50 Free
Yaron K Li
Girls 11-12 50 Free
Sunny B Chen
Boys 13-14 50 Free
Andrew T Char
Girls 13-14 50 Free
Micaela Perezous
Boys 15-18 50 Free
Michael Zhang
Girls 15-18 50 Free
Alexandra C Browne
Boys 8&Under 25 Back
Leo K Li
Girls 8&Under 25 Back
Caroline M Duffy
Boys 9-10 50 Back
Andrew P Zimmerman
Girls 9-10 50 Back
Lexie A Morrison
Boys 11-12 50 Back
Jason K Xin
Girls 11-12 50 Back
Sunny B Chen
Boys 13-14 50 Back
Joshua R Donovan
Girls 13-14 50 Back
Scarlett A Gray
Boys 15-18 50 Back
Emil LaSida
Girls 15-18 50 Back
Abigail K Zindler
Boys 8&Under 25 Breast
Liam J McLeish
Girls 8&Under 25 Breast
Evelyn M Cross
Boys 9-10 50 Breast
Maximilian E Walter
Girls 9-10 50 Breast
Maya R McCarney
Boys 11-12 50 Breast
Diego Ramos
Girls 11-12 50 Breast
Payton E Masten
Boys 13-14 50 Breast
Andrew T Char
Girls 13-14 50 Breast
Ella G Rieben
Boys 15-18 50 Breast
Michael Zhang
Girls 15-18 50 Breast
Stephanie Spranger
Boys 8&Under 25 Fly
Leo K Li
Girls 8&Under 25 Fly
Addyson Delaney
Boys 9-10 25 Fly
Daniel R Ramos
Girls 9-10 25 Fly
Lexie A Morrison
Boys 11-12 50 Fly
Jason K Xin
Girls 11-12 50 Fly
Sunny B Chen
Boys 13-14 50 Fly
Victor Li
Girls 13-14 50 Fly
Natalie M Tufts
Boys 15-18 50 Fly
McGrath P Marsh
Girls 15-18 50 Fly
Rachel A Jones
Boys 8&Under 100 IM
Sawyer Blais
Girls 8&Under 100 IM
Addyson Delaney
Boys 9-10 100 IM
Cole J Heflin
Girls 9-10 100 IM
Vivian M Marshall
Boys 11-12 100 IM
Diego Ramos
Girls 11-12 100 IM
Riley M Sparrenberger
Boys 13-14 100 IM
John P Parfomak
Girls 13-14 100 IM
Azmera P Gebre
Boys 15-18 100 IM
McGrath P Marsh
Girls 15-18 100 IM
Lauren E Long
Boys 18&U 200 Free Relay
Joshua R Donovan
Josef T Gruendel
Andrew P Zimmerman
Michael Zhang
Girls 18&U 200 Free Relay
Madison C Meiring
Bailey Carroll
Natalie M Tufts
Abigail K Zindler
Mixed 18&U 200 Medley Relay
Payton E Masten
Kyle W Schlemmer
Mackenzie L Speilman
Noah H Sultan
Boys 8&Under 100 Medley Relay
Evan D Kelley
Liam J McLeish
Leo K Li
Michael T Ryan
Girls 8&Under 100 Medley Relay
Emma K Blanchard
Julianne D Timberlake
Charlotte C Foster
Alexis R Kashchy
Boys 9-10 100 Medley Relay
Cole J Heflin
Everett H Shepherd
Bourne Choi
Vilva V Mahadevan
Girls 9-10 100 Medley Relay
Allison R Gradich
Vivian M Marshall
Gracie R Doyle
Nina T Coppola
Boys 11-12 200 Medley Relay
Jason K Xin
Allen Y Wang
Yaron K Li
Lorenzo M Nadal
Girls 11-12 200 Medley Relay
Payton E Masten
Marley S Antognoli
Sunny B Chen
Josephina L Kritsky
Boys 13-14 200 Medley Relay
Jordan Koller
Owen K Flickinger
Tyler Phillips
William Aukema
Girls 13-14 200 Medley Relay
Scarlett A Gray
Azmera P Gebre
Leila G Bodner
Mary F Hecmanczuk
Boys 15-18 200 Medley Relay
Christopher Goggins
Michael Zhang
JT Schmid
Gabriel Garcia
Girls 15-18 200 Medley Relay
Aleigha C Scherber
Rachel A Jones
Sophia J Kim
Lilly M Cleal
Meets for June 19, 2021
Blue Division
Chase Club(151.0)
at Franklin Glen(294.0)
Armfield Farm(233.0)
at Countryside(198.0)
Hayden Village(171.0)
at Sequoia Farms(264.0)
Gold Division
Chantilly Highlands(220.0)
at Glen Cove(228.0)
Sugarland Run(124.0)
at Chantilly National GCC(264.0)
at Saratoga(244.0)
Red Division
Franklin Farm(202.0)
at Burke Centre Penguins(245.0)
at Ashburn Village(365.0)
at Arlington KOC(194.5)
White Division
at Ashburn Farm(297.5)
Fort Myer(198.0)
at South Riding(232.0)
No upcoming events.
CSL Swimmers are Back in the Pool!
Sun, 6-20-2021 | Hy Tek Admin
On Saturday, over a thousand CSL swimmers splashed in a dozen pools across Northern Virginia. Our youngest, first-time swimmers brought that familiar grin to our faces, while for our returning swimmers and families it brought a palpable sense of normalcy and marked a return of summer fun. As CSL President, and on behalf of the CSL Board and Team Representatives, let me say a great big thank you (!) to the coaches, parents, officials, meet volunteers and governing boards of our pools, teams and league--without you Saturday would not have been possible.
I know all of you join me in wishing our swimmers and teams an enjoyable and successful summer. 
- Steve Van Beek / CSL President.

From CSL HyTek Team: the 59th CSL season got off to an excellent start after a 2020 hiatus. The first week's results and ladders/top times are now available.

Here's to another great season for all our swimmers and teams!

Hy-Tek Training
Mon, 5-31-2021 | Caroline Taylor
Hy-Tek basic training can be accessed via the link and password, below. 
Though the training is from 2018, it is still valid as we will continue using MM5 this year.

Access a recording of this training aimed at new Hy Tek Leads Here:  - Password is CSLHyTek
Download a copy of the presentation:
CSL_Hy-Tek_Academy_2018.pdf (16MB)
CSL_Hy-Tek_Academy_2018-BW.pdf (5.5MB)

Download the quick update for 2021

Cory Young Obituary & Information
Thu, 1-28-2021 | Caroline Taylor

CSL 2020 Competitive Swim Season
Mon, 5-25-2020 | Caroline Taylor
Dear CSL Swimmers, Coaches, Volunteers, Families, and Officials,

Unfortunately, CSL reached the very difficult decision to cancel 2020 swim meets for COVID-19 related safety reasons. We fully understand the disappointment associated with canceling CSL 2020 summer swim meets.

Over the last 10 weeks, the CSL Executive Committee and Team Representatives met virtually numerous times to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 developments, gather safety information, and consider any potential 2020 season scenarios. We exhaustively garnered safety and other input from all stakeholders including federal, state, and local entities, as well as home owners associations, pool operators, coaches, clubs, officials, parents, and swimmers. We sincerely appreciate the constructive conversations and feedback. Again, we are profoundly sorry CSL can not offer meets this season. We look forward to the 2021 CSL season. Most importantly, please contact your individual CSL team officials regarding any 2020 swim team related activities.

2019 All-Star Meet Recap
Sat, 7-27-2019
What an exciting day in the sun.  Cascades hosted another outstanding meet where many close races were held.  Four league records were set today along with six triple winners.

Today's records were set by Sarah Shackelford (17), Burke Centre Stingers besting her year old time in Freestyle with a time of 26.39.  Chris Qian (12) of Broadlands, bested his own time set at divisionals last week in 11-12 Backstroke with a time of 30.38.  Payton Masten (10) of Cascades broke an 11 year old record in Breast with a time of 39.20, and Sunny Chen (10) of Cascades broke a 4 year old record in Fly with a time of 15.17.

Chris Qian (Back, Fly, IM) and Payton Masten (Back, Breast, IM) led off the triple winners and were joined by Matthew Char (10) of Ashburn Village (Free, Breast, IM), Nora Sherman (12) of Fort Myer (Back, Fly, IM), Mac Marsh (14) of Arlington Knights of Columbus (Free, Breast, Fly) and Lexie Morrison (8) of Burke Centre Penguins (Free, Back, Fly)

Congratulations to all for a great 2019 season!

Printable Reports...
Meet Results
High Point

Computer Geeks...
Meet Backup
Meet Result Export

Sat, 7-20-2019
Divisional results have been uploaded to the website.  They are available in the Results and League Leaders areas. 

In League Leaders, choose Divisional in the first dropdown.

Also, "made it" lists for each team have been emailed to the Team Reps.

Two league records fell at Divisionals, both at the White Division meet, both at the hands of 12-year old Broadlands standout, Chris Qian.  In 50M Back, Chris broke his own record time of 31.06, setting the new mark at 30.57.  And in 100 IM, he powered to a time of 1:07.66, nearly a second faster than the previous record of 1:08.58 which had stood for nine years.

Congratulations, Chris!

Meet results in printable format:  Red, White, Blue, Gold
Meet backups for computer leads:  
Red, White, Blue, Gold
Results exports for computer leads:  Red, White, Blue, Gold

Update:  A single correction was made to the files for the Gold Division meet.  The  correction did not impact the All-star lists.  However, the Gold links just above now point to updated files, and the League Leaders and Results areas of this website also reflect this change.

Week 5 Recap
Sun, 7-14-2019 | Hy Tek Admin

The last A-meet of the season is always high with energy, anticipation, and nerves.  With a meet ending in a tie, I bet the pool at Armfield Farm was thundering as they battled it out with South Riding. Nothing like taking it down to the wire!

This week saw the top teams continuing their undefeated streak and locking down their division’s number one spot:

Red: Ashburn Village

White: ManorGate

Blue: Ashburn Farm

Gold: CountrySide

We had some speedy relays this week, with the Girls 15-18 200 Medley Relay record being broken by both teams in the same dual meet.  The previous record was 2:05.13, set by Ashburn Village last year.  The Burke Center Penguins team of Rachel Jones, Jeanne Seanor, Ashley Mayes,and  Alexandra Altenburg came in at 2:04.99.  However, Ashburn Village won the race with a 2:03.16, setting the new standing record.  Congratulations to the Ashburn Village ladies: Dana Korotovskikh, Lauren Long, Kayla Graham, and Jordan Wenner!

The gentlemen at Ashburn Village, not to be outshone, also set a new record in the Boys 5-18 200 Free Relay with a time of 1:52.91 - previously held by Burke Center Penguins in 2010 at 1:53.26.  Congratulations to Charlie Barker, Andrew Char, Matthew Char, and Justin Lee!!

And with that, the regular season is a wrap.  One more B-Meet as we head into our respective Divisional Meets!  Looking forward to fast swims, personal bests, and new team and CSL records!

Individual Meter Ladder

Relay Meter Ladder

Individual Yard Ladder

Relay Yard Ladder

IM Meets Recap
Tue, 7-9-2019 | Hy Tek Admin
It was a perfect evening to hold the two Individual medley meets for the Colonial Swim League.
Chantilly National Golf and Country Club hosted their IM Invitational Meet while the Chantilly Highlands hosted their IM Tough Meet.  While no records were broken at either meet, there were some fast swims so be on the lookout in the coming weeks!

IM Tough - Results
IM Invitational - Results

Backups and Result Files

Relay Carnival
Sun, 7-7-2019
The CSL Relay Carnival washeld on July 7 @ Sugarland Run

Congratulations to the division winners: Red - Franklin Farm; White - Manorgate; Blue - Ashburn Farm and Gold - Saratoga.
It was a great day and many close races were observed by those who came out.  

There were also four records set at today's meet

Boys 5-18 200 Freestyle Relay - Ashburn Village 1:41.31 (beat 2010 record)
Charlie Barker, Andrew Char, Matthew Char, Justin Lee

Boys 15-18 200 Medley Relay - South Riding 1:39.51 (beat 2015 Record)
Justin Lee, Nathan Yu, Brian Luong, Alexander Lamb

Girls 15-18 200 Medley Relay - Manorgate 1:52.02 (beat 2013 Record)
Sarah Yoon, Thalia Costanza, Alexa Cuomo, Jasmin Kim

Mixed 13-14 200 Freestyle Relay - Manorgate 1:41.06 (beat 2018 Record)
Ellia Kweon, Eleanor Spence, Joshua Kim, Albert Kang

Congratulations swimmers!

2019 Meet Results
Entire Meet Results
Team Scores by Division
Red Division - Results ; Scores
White Division - Results ; Scores
Blue Division - Results ; Scores
Gold Division - Results ; Scores

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Week 4 Recap
Sun, 7-7-2019 | Hy Tek Admin
There are now 4 teams left undefeated: Ashburn Village (Red), Manorgate (White), Ashburn Farm (Blue), & Countryside (Gold). There is one week left to see who remains at the top of each division.

Several league records were broken on Saturday:

Mixed 5-18 200 Medley Relay:

Broadlands        Christopher Qian,  Hevi Medde-Witage,  Sydney Davenhall,  Audrey Hayward        2:09.67
Previous record of 2:11.86 was set last week by Cascades.

15-18 Girls 100-M IM:

ManorGate        Lexi Cuomo        1:05.28 (New Record)   
South Riding    Jennifer Luong
Previous record of 1:05.88 was set by Michelle Griglione in 1984.

11-12 Boys 50-M Back:

Broadlands        Christopher Qian    31.06
Previous record of 31.32 was set by Dennis Lai of Armfield Farm in 2010.

15-18 Boys 100-Y IM:

Sugarland Run        Kyle Johnson    54.49
Previous record of 55.09 was set by Michael Herrmann of Barrington in 2012.  

Congratulations to Christopher, Hevi, Sydney, Audrey, Lexi, Jennifer, and Kyle!

Ladders Meters
Ladders Yards
Relay Meters
Relay Yards

Week 3 Recap
Sun, 6-30-2019 | Hy Tek Admin
Now over half way though our 2019 CSL season, there are 6 teams left undefeated: Ashburn Village (Red), Manorgate & Chinquapin (White), Ashburn Farm (Blue), Countryside & Saratoga (Gold). Both the White and Gold divisions will see who remains at the top after Week 4 head to head matchups.

Congratuations to 
Maya McCarney of the CountrySide Waves for her 16.62Y time in 8&Under Girls Fly Yards, besting the previous 2015 record, also held by a CountrySide, of 16.64Y.  Way to go Maya!

The Cascades Rapids Mixed 5-18 200 Medley Relay Team (aka the Mixed Mixed) of Mackenzie Speilman, Kyle Schlemmer, Owen Hendershot, and Sunny Chen sped their way to another record for their team by swimming a time of 2:11.86, which bests the previous record of 2:12.62 from Week 2 also by Cascades.  Congrats Mackenzie, Kyle, Owen, and Sunny!

Week 2 Recap
Sun, 6-23-2019 | Hy Tek Admin
We are only in the second week of bringing back the Mixed 5-18 200 Medley Relay (aka the Mixed Mixed), and the Cascades Rapids left no swimmer behind to break the 38 year old record that was previously held by Fort Belvoir (2:14.86).  Sydney Schlabach, Kyle Schlemmer, Owen Hendershot, and Sunny Chen swam a wicked fast time of 2:12.62 to give Cascades the first relay record broken in 2019.  Way to go Sydney, Kyle, Owen, and Sunny!

Week 1 Recap
Sun, 6-16-2019 | Hy Tek Admin
The 58th CSL season got off to an excellent start underneath perfect June skies!

It's no surprise that Jennifer Luong of South Riding would break a record whenever she visits the Old Town Alexandria pool. She swam the Girls 15-18 100Y IM in 1:00.20, besting the 2017 mark of 1:00.49. Congratulations Jennifer!

2019 Time Trial Info
Sat, 6-1-2019 | Hy Tek Admin
2019 Hy-Tek templates (B-Meets) and help guides to run Time Trials have been posted in the Hy-Tek 2019 Folder. You can also find them by clicking Documents from the home page, then Hy-Tek -> 2019 -> Templates and Stuff / Help Guides.  A-Meet templates and help guides will be out by Sunday 6/9/19.

The CSL Hy-Tek committee is still seeking volunteers to help process files each week and help with the All-Star meet.  If interested, please contact us at

2019 CSL Schedule
Wed, 3-6-2019 | Caroline Taylor

All-star Recap
Sat, 7-28-2018
I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone that the team that had 4 of its 5 meets this summer decided by a total of 20 points kept it going today by hosting a very exicting All-star meet.  Four league records, five triple winners, uncounted close races, including one 1st place tie, and one event with five heats, which is believed to be a CSL All-star meet record.
Today's league records were set by a pair of 14-year olds, South Riding's Jennifer Luong and Chinquapin's Emil LaSida, in the same pair of events.  In Backstroke, Jennifer touched in 29.40, bettering her own record set at Divisionals last week.  She also swam 1:06.11 in IM, lowering the mark she set at IM Tough on July 9.
On the boys side, Emil also lowered his own Backstroke record from last week with a time of 28.58.  Later, he dominated a strong final in IM by popping a time of 1:01.54, over 4 seconds under his seed time.
Both swimmers also won Fly in their respective age groups to lead a group of five triple winners.  The other triple winners were 10-year old Emma Lundy of the Burke Centre Stingers (Back, Fly, IM), 12-year old Angelina Sagaow of Chase Club (Free, Fly, IM), and 15-year old Janika Perezous of Cascades (Free, Back, IM).
Congratulations to all, and many thanks to Cascades for running a very successful first All-star meet.
Printable reports...

High Points


Thu, 7-26-2018

The Cascades Rapids are very excited to be hosting this summer's CSL All-star meet.  We'll put the information they provide to us in this article.

Most of what you need to know about the meet -- parking, maps, shirt and program sales, food, volunteers, meetings, where to watch, warm-up assignments, etc. -- can be found in this handy-dandy, all-encompassing document.

We'll post additional information if/when it becomes available.

Note that Cascades is selling meet programs for $4 at the meet, cash only. 

Divisionals Recap
Sat, 7-21-2018
Great weather today... if you're a duck.

But happily, all four divisions completed their meets in a timely manner and the "made-it" lists have already been emailed to the team reps.

Additionally, the sub-optimal weather notwithstanding, five league records were broken today. 

Starting things off, it was Sarah Shackelford of the Burke Centre Stingers with a time of 26.41 in the Girls 15-18 50M Freestyle, just nipping the old mark, at the Red Division meet.
The other four records were set at the White Division meet, three of them in the final four Backstroke events.  In the Boys 13-14 50M Backstroke, Chinquapin's Emil LaSida broke his own week-old record, speeding to a time of 28.64.  That was followed by Jennifer Luong of South Riding whose time of 29.60 in the Girls 13-14 50M Backstroke was over 1/2 under the old mark.  Two events later, ManorGate standout Lexi Cuomo beat her own 2-year old record in the Girls 15-18 50M Backstroke with a time of 29.22.
Lexi also set the final record of the day, blasting to a time of 27.98 in the Girls 15-18 50M Butterfly.
Congratulations... Sarah, Emil, Jennifer, and Lexi!  Terrific swims! 
Here are printable results from the four meets:

Red Division
White Division
Blue Division
Gold Division

And Hy-Tek Meet Manager backups for computer folks:

Red Division
White Division
Blue Division
Gold Division

Week 5 Recap
Sun, 7-15-2018 | Hy Tek Admin
And, just like that, the regular season meets are complete!  

In the BLUE division, two CSL league records fell to the Hayden Village boys as they battled against the ever dominant Chinquapin Wahoos.  Big kudos to William Breslin 5th, Vincent Nguyen, Ian Lee, and Thomas Lackey on their Boys 11-12 200 Medley Relay performance that came in just over 2 minutes faster than the previous record and, Emil LaSida, who bested a 6 years old record in the Boys 13-14 Back held by Dennis Lai from 2012.

The Ashburn Village AquaJets continued to fire on all cylinders as they commanded a 200 point lead over the Broadland Piranhas in the Red division. At the same time, a true nail biter was going down between Cascades and Burke Center Stingers who had the only tied meet of the season!

The Gold division saw 4-0 Chase Club snatch the title from 3-1 Sugarland Run by just over 30 points. In fact, all of the Gold division meets this weekend came down to a battle of the relays as the point spreads were all less than 60.

Another league record was set in the White division by the South Riding Stingrays: Boys 13-14 200 Medley Relay broke their own previous record of 2:04.15 with a new record of 2:03.37.  Congratulations to Anderson Moffitt, Nathan Yu, Carlton Krueger, and Sean Yoo!

Updated Ladders...

Individual Meters
Individual Yards
Relay Meters
Relay Yards

Relay Carnival
Sun, 7-15-2018 | Hy Tek Admin
Another nicely run Relay Carnival.  Hats off to the folks at Sugarland Run.

Congratulations to the Burke Centre Penquins, Arlington Knights of Columbus, Chinquapin, and Saratoga, who brought home the four trophies this year.

With PVS LC meets scheduled for the same weekend as Relay Carnival many wondered how many if any league records would fall, they did but not as many as in the past.  There were three new league records set.  In each of the three events two teams broke the record.  The first record to fall was the Boys 11-12 200 yd Medley Relay both BCP and HV broke the record however, HV was faster than BCP, the new record holders from HV are Will Breslin, Vincent Nguyen, Ian Lee, and Tommy Lackey with a time of 1:59.53.  The BCP team of JT Schmid, Stephen Dalil, Christopher Goggins, and Josh Donavan swam a time of 2:01.37.  

The next record to fall was the Mixed 11-12 200 yd Free Relay, both AV and BCP broke the record however, AV was faster than BCP, the new record holders from AV are Andrew Char, Isabel Will, Zoe Rand, and Charlie Barker with a time of 1:48.12.  The BCP team of Ihn Altenburg, Caleigh Jones, Stephen Dalil, and JT Schmid swam a time of 1:48.39.

The final record to fall was the Mixed 13-14 200 yd Free Relay, both AKC and BCP broke the record however, BCP was faster than AKC, the new record holders are Lily Cleal, Tyler Meyer, Rachel Jones, and Michael Zhang with a time of 1:41.16.  The AKC team of Jackson McManus, Heidi Hilsmeir, Ashley Deabler, and Mac Marsh swam a time of 1:42.54.

Results by Division

Scores by Division

Computer Leads:
Meet backup

IM Meet Recap
Tue, 7-10-2018 | Hy Tek Admin
It was a perfect evening to hold two new Individual medley meets for the Colonial Swim League.
Chantilly National Golf and Country Club hosted their IM Invitational Meet and Chantilly Highlands hosted their IM Tough Meet.  We had 17 of our 24 teams compete in this meet.  Looking over the results, there were quite a few fast swims. At the IM Tough Meet, Jennifer Luong of SRD broke her own record in the 13/14 Girls IM setting a new time of 1:06.31. Looks like there will be lots of competition going forward into the last week of the season.

Complete meet results are available here

Note: Until we can get the website to show these results - the IM times swum in these meets will only show on the pdf ladders.  Sorry.

Week 4 Recap
Mon, 7-9-2018
Week 4 saw three teams clinch division titles.  In the Red Division, undefeated Ashburn Village already has wins over both 2nd place teams, Burke Centre Penguins and Franklin Farm.  The Aqua Jets would win any tie-breakers even if they were upset in week 5 by Broadlands. 

The situation in the White Division is exactly the same.  The Arlington Knights of Columbus have already defeated the two 2nd place teams, South Riding and ManorGate, and have therefore secured the title.
In the Blue Division, Chinquapin holds the tiebreaker with their win over 2nd place Franklin Glen, so they have also clinched. 

There's still some suspense in the Gold Division, however, as Chase Club and their perfect 4-0 record will host 3-1 Sugarland Run this Saturday in the decisive meet.  The Virtual Meets Tool has predicted a close one.
Odd fact... Ashburn Village has won three of their four meets this summer by the same score.  They defeated Franklin Farm and both Burke Centre teams, 271-173.
Looking for excitement?  Go to a Cascades meet.  Three of their four meets this season have been decided by 8 points or less.  Two of those meets came down to the last relay.  There have been 30 lead changes combined in the three meets, with 10 of the lead changes occuring during the relays.  Their most recent meet had a whopping 7 lead changes during the relays, and 13 lead changes overall.  And their meet with the Burke Centre Stingers this weekend also figures to be close.

Week 3 Recap
Sat, 6-30-2018 | Hy Tek Admin

What a hot day for swimming! And not only the temperature...four records were broken.  13-14 backstroke was broken by both the boys and girls (in separate meets). Chinquapin's Emil LaSida bettered his own 2017 13-14 Boys 50 Yards Backstroke record yet again with a new time of 25.97 and South Rding’s Jennifer Luong broke the 2015 13-14 Girls 50 Meter Backstroke record with a new time of 30.02.  Burke Center Penguins broke 2 league records - a repeat of week 1.   Michael Zhang re-broke his record in the 13-14 Boys 50 Meter Breaststroke at 31.10 and the 11-12 Boys 200M Medley Relay have now set the time at 2:17.14  with the team of  JT Schmid, Stephen Dalil, Christopher Goggins and Joshua Donovan. Congratulations swimmers!

Now let’s talk about team standings.  Each division has one team that remains undefeated, but they haven’t secured their divisions, yet.  Keep on the lookout for next week’s results as July 4th holiday vacations often impacts the line-up.   

Week 2 Recap
Sat, 6-23-2018 | Hy Tek Admin
A cloudy but otherwise great day for swim meets as our season rolls into week 2...

Three league records were set today! At the league's easternmost pool, Chinquapin's Emil LaSida bettered his own 2017 13-14 Boys 50 Yards Backstroke record with a new time of 26.03, down from 26.56. At Ashburn Farm, something's in the water. With a new time of 2:04.15, South Riding 13-14 Boys 100 Meters Medley Relay team of Anderson Moffitt, Nathan Yu, Carlton Krueger, and Sean Yoo lowered Chinquapin's 2017 mark of 2:04.81. South Riding's Jennifer Luong saved the best for last, crushing the 1:08.25 13-14 Girls 100 Meters IM record that has stood for 13 year with a time of 1:06.42. Three other South Riding's team records were also broken in that meet. WELL DONE!

Elsewhere, Hayden Village's team records were broken by Vincent Nguyen (11-12 50 M Breaststroke) and their 11-12 Boys Medley Relay team. At Saratoga, Chase Club's Angelina Sagaow set a new team record in Girls 11-12 Backstroke. At Sugarland Run, Kyle Johson set a new mark in Boys 15-18 IM. Armfield Farm's 9-10 Boys Medley Relay Team also broke their team record.

This must have been an exiting race to watch: Abby Prahl (Glen Cove) and Chloe Workman (CNC) both clocked 16.00, sharing first place in Girls 9-10 25Y Butterfly. 

Week 1 Recap
Mon, 6-18-2018 | Hy Tek Admin
The 2018 league meet season got underway Saturday amidst beautiful weather and a continuation of last year's trend toward increased record breaking swims
In the Boys 13-14 50 Breast, it was Burke Centre Penguins, Michael Zang touching the wall in 31.22, breaking his own record of  32.24 set last year.  The Burke Centre Penguins' JT Schmid, Stephen Dalil, Christopher Goggins and Joshua Donovan put together a time of 2:17.59 in the Boys 11-12 200M Medley relay, taking the lead over the 2015 record of 2:17.70
Many great swims and fast times!
Way to go, Michael, JT, Stephen, Christopher, and Joshua!  Well done!

2018 B-Meet templates
Sun, 6-3-2018 | Hy Tek Admin
2018 B-Meet Hy-Tek templates have been posted here: You can also find them by clicking Documents from the home page, then Hy-Tek -> 2018 -> Templates and Stuff.

2018 CSL Schedule
Tue, 3-6-2018 | Caroline Taylor